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Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage works on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue in the body. It is especially helpful in relieving chronically tense and contracted muscles.

This technique is slower and deeper than regular massage, where areas of tension are focused on. It helps to loosen tight muscle fibres, break down scar tissue, release toxins and increase the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Deep tissue massage helps to alleviate pain and increase mobility in the body.

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Sports Injuries

This treatment involves focusing on a particular problem area/injury to help relieve tension and pain and to help increase muscle and joint mobility.

Specific techniques are used to ease out stubborn adhesions/knots, along with active and passive stretching to increase range of motion.

Sports massage can be carried out prior to a sports event to invigorate muscles, stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and reduce the risk of injury.

It helps to prepare the individual for optimal sporting performance.

After an event it will assist in the removal of lactic acid and waste products, helping to relieve muscular discomfort. It aids in speeding up the healing of damaged or stressed muscles, tissues and joints and prevents future injury to the body.

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Aromatherapy massage is generally a lighter more relaxing treatment where essential oils are used for their healing properties. The oils are easily absorbed through the skin during massage and are also inhaled, entering the bloodstream via the lungs.

The essences have an effect on the body, mind and emotions with each oil having many healing & beneficial properties.

A number of oils can be blended together to suit each individual depending on their own personal needs and requirements.

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Pregnancy Massage

Throughout the course of pregnancy, a womans body undergoes many changes which put pressure on her muscles, ligaments, organs and joints; often leading to pain and discomfort.

Regular treatments during pregnancy can really help to alleviate common pregnancy related ailments such as low back ache, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, sciatica, constipation and cramping legs.

The client is positioned on her side and supported with pillows to allow for a comforting and soothing massage.

The benefits include; stimulating circulation of blood and lymph, releasing compression on nerves and muscles, aiding deeper breathing, reducing emotional stress and anxiety, lowering or keeping high blood pressure balanced and encouraging the release of the hormone oxytocin, which provides vital relief to the mother during labour and birth.

Massage helps to relax the mother at this extremely important time of her life, releasing feel good endorphins which are then passed on to the child.

All above treatments are priced as follows:

30 mins                         €40

45 mins                         €55

1 hour                            €70

1 hour 15 mins            €85

1 hour 30 mins            €100

Hot Stone Therapy

A truly pampering treatment where smooth heated basalt stones are placed on various points of the body and then the body is massaged from head to toe, with a hot stone in each hand.

The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, increasing circulation and soothing away aches and pains. The client is left feeling deeply relaxed and in a blissful state.

Upper Body: 1 hour - €80

Full Body: 1 hour 30 mins - €110


Reflexology is a treatment based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that relate to every organ, gland and system of the body.

Pressure is applied to the feet over an hour long session, which helps to restore balance to the individual physically, mentally and energetically.

Reflexology encourages the body to heal itself by removing energy blockages, increasing circulation and reducing tension and stress.

It is a fully clothed treatment where only the shoes and socks are removed and the client lays down comfortably on the massage table.

1 hour: €70

Natural Lift Facial Massage

Natural Lift Facial Massage is a wonderfully relaxing and effective treatment which helps to rejuvenate the facial skin and muscles. It is a natural way to improve the appearance of puffy, grey and sagging skin, reducing expression lines and wrinkles while revealing a fresher and more youthful look.

It is a combination of ancient Japanese and Indian massage techniques incorporating facial reflexology and acupressure too.

The facial tissues are strengthened, toned and tightened and symptoms of stress such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain are alleviated.

Natural Lift Facial Massage helps to calm and soothe the nervous system and produces the equivalent of an acupuncture face-lift without the insertion of needles.

30 mins : €40

1 hour: €70

Indian Head Massage

This treatment can be done where the client is either seated or lying down, depending on their preference.

It is a 45 minute relaxation treatment of the upper back, arms, neck, head and face, where firm pressure is used to ease away the worries and stresses of the day.

It works to restore balance and harmony to the individual, inducing feelings of deep relaxation, calmness and wellbeing.

Indian head massage is especially helpful for the treatment of anxiety, emotional stress, tension headaches, neck/shoulder stiffness, insomnia, sinusitis and fatigue. It helps to promote healthy hair growth by stimulating circulation of the scalp and also helps to clear the mind of mental strain, therefore improving concentration.

45 minutes: €55

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